We admit it, we’re plagiarizing:

“Coding is the closest thing we have to a Superpower”

Drew Houston, Creator of DropBox

We expect Drew won’t mind because he is so spot on. Software is an essential meta-skill for this age. It is what individuals and teams draw on to change the world in profound ways.

Think about it. These products and so many more have changed the world forever.

At The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers, we want to give every student the programming savvy they need to change the world.
We are unique in our ability to transfer coding skills:

  • We code amazing video games, social media, mobile device apps and automated robots, all designed to ignite young minds to programming
  • We teach using professional grade software (e.g. Java, Android, etc.) so that we go beyond scratching the surface of this new power
  • Our recipe-driven curriculum inspires rapid achievement
  • We teach in-person so that league members get personalized attention to optimize their learning
  • We rely directly on software professional volunteers to provide expert in-class teaching
  • We are passionate about what we do and it shows in the results.

Programming is challenging… yet we make it fun and playful.
Coding seems mysterious… but we enjoy unlocking mysteries together.

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