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My son had an amazing two years at The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers! He went from a novice programmer to an expert during that time. He learned so much, he was able to score a 4 on the Computer Science AP Exam without even taking a computer class at his high school! He is now studying computer science at UCSD, and he claims that the Intro to Java class is a piece of cake. He also says that the way he learned at The LEAGUE was the best way to learn coding!! Thank you so much!!

Jennifer Horton

My son has been taking a class at the LEAGUE of Amazing Programers since his 6th grade, now he is Jr in high school. Teachers are great and all are volunteers. It has been amazing experience for him. He started level 0 and now almost complete level 6. After complaining level 7, he will be ready to take Oracle exam. He is now hoping to pass Oracle exam before graduating the high school.


Two of my children have attended The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers. It is simply an amazing place! Students get support from excellent teachers and a well thought out program to learn programming skills in Java and to discover if programming is for them. Students are allowed to progress at their own pace, discover how to solve programming problems, struggle to find their own programming errors, and be creative in designing their own software. The students get a lot of confidence and motivation from solving programming problems and progressing through the levels of the program. If your child is “into” programming then it is a great environment to learn and progress with like minded peers. In other words, the kids have fun learning! The league also provides important extracurricular opportunities like visiting companies that do software development and participating in software design competitions. At the higher levels, the students get to work in groups on larger, real programming projects which is invaluable experience to a student considering CS as a college major. The results are also amazing! My eldest went into CS in college and tested out of the first 1.5 years of CS programming classes thanks to the LEAGUE. My youngest will most likely write the AP CS A test at the end of 9th grade again thanks to the LEAGUE. So basically, I can’t say enough good things about this place. If your child wants to try programming then The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers is where you need to be!

J. McVeigh


The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers has helped me develop my software skills and also improve my skills in problem solving. The skills I learned from the league helped me lead an award winning robotics team in the San Diego Region. Overall, the excellent teachers and program at LEAGUE of Amazing truly helped me improve my skills and set me on track to becoming an engineer in the future.


I first joined The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers in the 7th grade as just something my mom wanted me to do. Little did I know that it would become not only one of my favorite activities but would develop into my career choice. The league would teach me programming not by lecture but by actually giving me tasks and learning from them. More than anything the teachers were always willing to help out with even the smallest questions I had. I will take all of the lessons I have learned and put them to use in college.

R. Ramirez

The league of amazing programmers have build my confidence to become an engineer. I thought that there weren’t any chances for me to get a major in the area of engineering due to the low percentage of women in field. Over the past year the league has provided me with the necessary skills to prepare me for my future career. I’ve had a wonderful experience so far with the league classes and the extraordinary internship that changed my perspective in engineering. I have now build the mindset that I could and I will become an engineer in the future.



As a volunteer for this school, I find this is an amazing organization to help kids learn java programming language. Teaching children to study coding is not an easy task, but the league of amazing programmers has made all lessons interesting by igniting kids’ curiosity. I am surprised when they know how to use GitHub, Eclipse, and more, which are all resources that every programmer must know.


I’ve been a software engineer for several decades and also love to be involved with children. So when I heard about The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers, I realized this could combine the 2 things I love to do! I’ve been volunteering at The LEAGUE teaching classes for about 1 1/2 years, and the feedback from the students, and seeing them gaining confidence as they learn how to program, is inspiring! As a teacher, you create relationships with your students and can see them develop confidence and pride in what they’ve accomplished! I’ve become an important role model for each of my students, and can only hope that this makes a positive impact!


I’ve been volunteering here for a few months now. I’m very impressed with the teachers and how they create a fun, engaging environment for kids to really immerse themselves in programming, both in the summer workshops and the year-round go-at-your-own-pace instruction. I wish I could have attended this school when I was a kid!


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