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Prospective Students

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, we do. Our mission is to ignite young minds with coding and we believe that all children should be afforded this opportunity regardless of their financial standing. As a non-profit organization, we are happy to offer financial aid​ to qualifying families. If your child qualified for financial aid for their workshop, then their ongoing class tuition will also be covered. However, we require that all financial aid students maintain an 80% attendance rate and responsibly adhere to our other policies or they will be at risk of losing their financial aid standing. Click here to learn more about financial aid options at the LEAGUE.

What age must my child be to take classes?

5th through 12th grade, no exceptions. For summer workshops, incoming 5th graders are welcome.

How do I join the LEAGUE?

You will start by taking one of our ongoing Programming Workshops that will help place you into weekly streaming classes. Click here to learn more about our workshops.

My child already has experience, can he/she skip the workshop?

No, experience has shown us that an intensive workshop with our instructor will get any student up to speed and fill in any gaps in learning. The classes are small so it is easy for the teacher to adapt the curriculum for whatever level the student is at. At the conclusion of the workshop, the instructor will recommend what level the student should start at.

Can I start in the middle of your levels if I have some programming experience?

Certainly. While you participate in our introductory workshop we’ll assess your skill level and goals and fit you into the right class.

Can I get more information about the curriculum?

Sure, please review our Program Overview.

How long does each level take?

Students move at their own pace through the levels. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. We can teach anyone to code given enough time and patience with a student who is dedicated to that goal.

Click here to learn more about our levels.

Is there homework?

Only if you want there to be! Programming is contagious, many students continue coding while at home. It’s all self-driven, we do not require homework to progress at the LEAGUE.

Do you teach robotics?

Yes! During the Spring, robotics is used as a platform for the curriculum taught in preparation for the LEAGUE’s annual robotics competition “iARoC”. This amazingly fun competition is designed for novices and allows LEAGUE students to apply their programming knowledge to a real world application!
Click here to learn more.

Do you teach classes in programming languages besides Java?

No, all classes are taught in Java. 

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Sorry, we currently do not.

Current Students

How do I report my absence or cancel a class?
  1. When you log in to your LEAGUEHub account, you should be on your Dashboard Screen and you should see “Plans & Passes”, “Bills” and “Upcoming Schedule” at the bottom with a list of upcoming classes.  If you are not on the Dashboard Screen, you can click on the “Your Stuff” on upper right hand corner of screen and it will take you there.
  2. Locate the class date/student you would like to cancel and click on it. You will be prompted to cancel.

It’s that easy and now you can be sure that we have been notified!

Can I make up a class?

We understand that scheduling these days is a complicated task and that your child may occasionally need to miss a class. When this happens, they can view their missed assignments and attempt independent make-ups from home or attend a free Drop-in Lab at the Carmel Valley Classroom​ t​o receive additional support. Please check with your teacher about current lab times.

How do I sign up for a make-up lab?

You can sign up for the make-up lab you would like to attend and the system will send you a reminder 24 hours before the lab.

  1. Select the MAKE-UP LAB tab and use the calendar to find the date of the lab you would like to sign up for.
  2. Click on it and hit the “enroll” button.  Select the student you would like to enroll and hit “finish” button.
How do I customize my notification settings (class reminders, notes from teachers, general reminders, etc)?

You can customize your settings to:

  • Receive notifications by text
  • Suspend 24-hour upcoming class reminders

To access your Settings:

  1. Go to “Notifications” from your dashboard (on right hand side of screen, look for bell shaped icon)
  2. Select “Settings” option at top of screen
  • Add/modify cell phone number to receive texts
  • Update privacy setting times/do not disturb
  • Modify how you would like to get notifications (email and/or text) or turn the notification off
How do I run my code at home?
What is your payment policy?

Payment is due at your first class and occurs regularly thereafter at the beginning of each month. You may have a credit card on file with permission to charge monthly, or write a check. The monthly tuition is $240. Because some months have 5 classes instead of 4, the annual tuition includes 4 free classes which can be attended or used as sick/vacation days.  Please contact scheduling@jointheleague.org for all billing inquiries.

Can I pay by credit card?

If you would like to have your monthly tuition automatically charged to your credit card, please contact us at scheduling@jointheleague.org to make arrangements.

Please don’t send your credit card number in the email.

How do I refer a friend?

Our best advertisers are you!  Please encourage your friends, co-workers and neighbors to check us out.

If they are interested in seeing us in action, have them contact us and we will arrange for them to visit the Saturday Open Lab.

Do you need volunteers?

The LEAGUE believes strongly in the spirit of volunteerism!

Teachers:  Our regular class teachers are working professionals who volunteer their time to teach at The LEAGUE.

TA’s:  LEAGUE students are nominated by their teacher to join the Student TA pool.  These students are given the opportunity to pass on their experience in weekly classes and/or workshops.  Student TA’s can request a letter from The LEAGUE describing the hours they have worked.  If your student is interested in becoming a TA, please have them speak to their weekly class teacher.

Parents:  Have an expertise or passion for web design, marketing, event planning, grant writing, etc?  Parents who would like to volunteer with the LEAGUE are encouraged to contact us.  A few hours of your time a month could really make a difference!

Summer Internship Opportunities for High School Students

The LEAGUE would like to provide career exploration and internship opportunities for our students!

Your personal contacts can open doors and enable the LEAGUE to share our mission with local tech employers. The LEAGUE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and has an impressive group of high school students preparing for STEM careers.

Some of our target organizations are: Viasat, Qualcomm, Cubic, ServiceNow, ResMed, Oracle, Amazon, Illumina, HP, IBM. If your employer, or a personal/professional contact might be interested, please contact us. Your personal introduction is all we need!

For students currently in grades 7+, we encourage you to volunteer this summer as a TA. We can offer community service hours for your time, and peer-to-peer mentoring is an excellent way to reinforce your own learning. Contact us for more information.

For students currently in grades 10-12, if you are interested in applying for an internship, please contact us for more information. Our internship program is currently small, but we are working hard to grow and your help can make that happen!

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