Becoming an intern

Each summer, The LEAGUE makes available a small number of (internal) internships.  These allow our upper-level students an opportunity to gain valuable working experience, as well as continue to share their knowledge with others.  Applicants must be preparing to enter at least grade 11, as well as have experience being a Teaching Assistant at The LEAGUE.  After an initial training period, interns are typically expected to be comfortable teaching on their own.  Additional responsibilities may include curriculum review and development, certain administrative tasks, as well as an opportunity to contribute to The LEAGUE using any special skills the applicant may possess.

Internship Application

Our 2019 internship deadline has passed.  Thank you to all who applied!  If you are interested in helping out and gaining valuable experience, please consider asking your teacher about becoming a TA.  All interns are required to have TA experience at The LEAGUE!

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