The UCSD Extension Credits agreement has ended

Dear LEAGUE families and friends,

We have some disappointing news to share. It is with deep regret, the LEAGUE will no longer be able to provide pre-college credits through the UCSD Extension.

Since 2016, the LEAGUE has partnered with UCSD Extension to provide opportunities for students to earn pre-college credits. While pre-college credits are not college credits and are not transferable, they serve to confirm the accomplishments of LEAGUE students.

Unfortunately, the LEAGUE was recently notified that UCSD has elected not to continue licensing agreements with several partner organizations, including The LEAGUE. For those students who have previously received pre-college credits and are already in the UCSD Extension System, those will be allowed to stand and will reflect on UCSD Extension transcripts.

The LEAGUE appealed to UCSD for reconsideration of the decision, including the limitation on pre-college credits for levels completed through November 1, 2019. Sadly, UCSD declined.

While we at The LEAGUE are very disappointed with these recent events, we are confident in the educational quality that we provide for our students. We will continue to develop our curriculum and seek out other partnerships that add value to membership at The LEAGUE.

Yours truly,

The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers