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LEAGUE Students are eligible to receive college level credits from the UCSD Extension Program for each level completed. Grades will be submitted for all active students and retroactive credits are available for previous levels completed. Inactive students should contact The LEAGUE (scheduling@jointheleague.org) to request submission.

The following is a chart of the units that can be earned for each level:

What are UCSD Extension Credits?
UCSD Extension Program classifies these units as “college prep” units. A college may not allow students to apply these units earned towards their graduation. However, completing these units is a very distinguished accomplishment for any high school student applying for college, especially those applying to UCSD.

Accessing Your UCSD Account:
Students will manage their own account through the UCSD Extension Program that can be accessed at: https://myextension.ucsd.edu/.  Credits will be sent to UCSD with the email address used on the parent portal LEAGUEHub. Once you have activated your UCSD Extension account, you can change the email address, phone number and mailing address associated with the account.

Set up and Communication from UCSD:
The first time credits are submitted to UCSD, you will receive instructions on how to set up your account. You may also receive a series of emails asking you to rate the course. The LEAGUE does not have any special association with the UCSD Extension program on-line system and cannot control the communication that they have with you. You may change your preferences by accessing your UCSD Extension program account.

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