Del Mar Times, March 2015

“Twenty-two teams of eager young programmers (more than 120 kids) gathered recently at CyberHive San Diego, a shared workspace incubator that delivers business and technical support to early-stage cybersecurity and high-tech companies.

They gathered for CodeDay, a nonstop 24-hour sleepless sprint to produce the best computer program as determined by a team of local, professional judges.

CodeDay consists of a series of student programming events held around the world, in 32 cities this year. It’s the world’s largest educational programming marathon. The teams are mostly made up of high school and college students with a few middle and grade school students.

The League Of Amazing Programmers, a Carmel Valley after-school program that teaches kids the Java programming language starting in the fifth grade, entered five teams. The League teams came away with two of the three CodeDay awards presented, one for the best game program and the other for the best overall application.”

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