Our Supporters

Major Donors

Itzkowich Foundation. The Itzkowitch has provided multi-year support for the critical but often overlooked maintenance of our infrastructure. This year, the foundation is funding development of new curriculum, conversion of curriculum to a new Learning Management System, and customer relationship management software. The Itzkowich grant has funded our new curriculum website,  which provides new, web based curriculum that lowers the cost of bringing classes to schools, allows us to run classes at rec-centers and libraries, and offers new classes in microcontrollers.  ( And replaces a virtual computer system that previously cost us $6,000/year ) With the addition of funding for marketing and CRM, this grant is providing new classes to new students and helping us with the necessary marketing and promotion.


United Way.  For 2024 the United Way of  San Diego has funded a League programming class at Lincoln High School, with the additional component, part of their Steam-To-Careers program, of recruiting speakers to talk to the class about their technical careers. This funding provides not only programming classes for student an introduction for student to their future careers, but helps the League establish connections with companies that will be valuable in other League programs.