New Classes For Fall

We’ve been polling students, staff and parents about what new classes we should introduce for fall, and we’re whittling it down to a short list.

If you like to vote on these options, the survey form is still open, so let us know what you are intersted in. 

Here are the current leading contenders, with more description about the content and structure of the classes.

Machine Learning and AI

Students will begin with a review of Python and an introduction to data analysis in Python using Pandas, Numpy, Jupyter and Colab. We will start with learning how to program applications using ChatGPT, HuggingFace and other pre-trained models, then move on to learning how to build the models. Higher levels will cover topics in  statistics, regression, machine learning, decision trees, classification and similar topics.  Online. 


This course will guide students through building robotics projects, with online sessions that cover specific programming topics. Students can build mobile robots and robotic arms and then add features to their creations such as cameras, sensors, actuators,  radio communications and autonomous operation.  In person at the Robot Garage in Pacific Beach and some online

Games in Unity

Build and publish your own game in Unity. Students will learn the Unity platform for game development with expert guidance and group of other game builders to play, critique and improve your game.  In person and Online 

Code Challenges and Competition

Students home their coding skills by solving coding problems and comparing their code to others, using sites like Code Wars, Hacker Rank and Leetcode. If there is sufficient interest, we may field a team for the USA Coding Olympiad.  Online


Let us know which ones you like, or if there is something else we should offer.