Programming Merit Badge

The LEAGUE Tech Club runs free one hour classes that satisfy the project requirements for the BSA Programming Merit Badge. Three one hour classes will teach Scouts to program in three different languages an environments, the requirements for 5a,b,c & d,. Scouts can already join the League’s Tech Club meet up to join a class, but the League can also run these classes specifically for Scouts in group Scout events, or for individual Scout troops.

Introduction to Python Programming

Introduction to Java Programming

Robotics and Microcontrollers

The classes we offer are:

  • Hour of Python. In this hour long introduction, students will learn the basics of python, the world’s most popular programming language. We will start with turtle graphics, then learn about variables, loops, functions, lists and strings.
  • Hour of Java. The Hour of Java class not only introduces students to Java, the most popular language in business, FIRST Robotics and AP Computer Science classes, but also to using professional tools like GitHub and Visual Studio Code.
  • Hour of Microbit. Students will learn to program a tiny computer, the BBC Micro:bit, to display lights, play music, and send messages through a wireless network, using multiple languages like Blockly, Python and Javascript.

    We can offer these classes in a variety of formats: all in one day, one class per week, at your Troop meetings, for a patrol, or for multiple troops. Contact us or fill out the form below and we’ll organize an event that will work for you.

Can’t Wait?

Can’t wait to schedule a group event? Join the tech club for the next programming class.

Schedule a Group Event

Are you interested in scheduling a series of classes for your troop, or for troops in your area? Please fill out the form below.

If you have any other comments or questions, please contact our Executive Director, Eric Busboom, at, or (619) 889-7571.