Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming

Build a strong foundation with our Introduction to Programming  workshop. This 9 hour, 6 session, self-paced  class is designed for students with little programming experience. Starting with syntax, loops, if statements and  variables, the course gives students plenty of hand-on practice and personal attention from instructors. Workshops are taught in both Python and Java

This class is the recommended introduction for all students. 

  • Build a strong foundation

  • One day per week for 6 weeks, or daily for 5 days

  • Beginner

  • $355

Python or Java?

Python and Java are two of the most popular programming languages, but which one should your student start with?

The Python language is currently the most popular programming language, in part because it is the core language for data science, scientific computing and AI. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn, with a clean, simple, humane syntax.  Java is also an important language for enterprise software and it is the language used in AP Computer Science A, and Java is also commonly used in FIRST robotics.

Students will learn the fundamentals with either language, but we recommend younger students  to start with Python. Older students who want additional practice with AP Computer Science, or want to take AP CS but don’t attend a high school that offers the course may want to start with the Java Workshop.

With either course, your student will learn the most important fundamental skills in programming, and professional programmers will learn many languages in their career, so don’t fret! It’s easy to switch and apply the skills you’ve learned in one language to another.