Getting Started at the League

Create an Account

Create an account. We use Pike13 to manage student and parent accounts, billing, and registration. After you create an account in Pike13 you can buy courses, camps and passes for classes.

Register for a Workshop

Our Introduction to Programming Workshop is the first step in most students path to becoming a programmer (although advanced students can skip it after an assessment. )

Buy a Plan or Class Pass

Regular Classes  begin after your student’s introductory workshop. To enroll in classes, you can purchase a plan or passes. A Plan  is a subscription for a fixed number of classes per month, and Passes are admission to individual classes.

Enroll in Classes

Visit our online schedule to see when classes are being held, then you can enroll in classes one-by-on our Pike13 Website, or you can ask to be “Bulk Enrolled” in a class on a specific day.

Review the Policies

Things come up, so if you need to cancel or reschedule a class, please let us know. Please review the cancelation policy and other LEAGUE policies.