Robot Garage

In the LEAGUE’s robot garage, students study topics in robotics from the ground up working on robotics projects that incorporate motors, microcontrollers, cameras digital communications, mechanical components and sensors. Advanced students learn about machine vision, kinematics and motion control.

Robot Garage

  • Learn to build and program robots

  • Choice of multiple sessions per week

  • Intermediate to advanced

  • Pacific Beach location

  • Included in membership

The Robot Garage  is a self paced program, with a few common lessons on basic topics, but primarily involving students building and programming a project. Students have programmed industrial robotic arms, built face detecting cameras, and several small mobile robots, using Arduino and Micro:bit microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi computers. Some advanced  students are building neural networks to predict ballistic trajectories, while beginners start with programming lights to blink and motors to move.

Not Sure? Try a Free Class.

If you’d like to get a peek at the Robot Garage, join the LEAGUE Tech Club, our Meetup group for free public classes, and look for the Soldering Clinic and Introduction to Motors classes, or contact us to arrange a visit.

The LEAGUE Tech Club runs free and low cost events all over San Diego. Join the Tech Club meetup group for a free Java class, or expore other tech topics like Python, robotics, electronics and game design.

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